Sunday, June 27, 2010

East Buttress, El Cap with Shirley Wes and Kay Wilson.....the rest of the story..

In May 2010, Shirley Wes and Kay Wilson came to Yosemite to continue their training for the
East Buttress of El Capitan, a 13 pitch, 5.10b. First climbed in 1953, this classic Valley route
has it all...face, fingers, hands, fist, stemming, and yes, everyone's favorite...chimneys. The
Mountain Guide

The beautiful morning light on The Cathedrals as we approach El Capitan.

Shirley and Kay get down to business. The chimney and stemming of Pitch 1. (a full body workout)

Now when does a foothold become a handhold ?

Kay nears the anchor at the end of pitch 1.

Kay on p 6. This was quite challenging as it was very wet from Horsetail blowing water on us as
the afternoon winds picked up.

Shirley and Kay on the Nose belay. We waited here for some time as there was a slower party ahead of us
and overcast prevented the sun from drying the rock from Horsetail Falls blowing water.

Shirley on p 7, the 5.9 fist and face pitch. This was hard as the rock was a bit wet.

Kay enjoying the view from high on El Capitan. We were past the crux of the route, but still needed to hustle
as the remaining pitches and the lengthy descent would press us toward darkness.

The summit with The Three Bothers and the Valley in evening light. What a wonderful day on the rock, with great partners, a day to