Thursday, May 30, 2013

Red Rocks, May 2013

Red Rocks, May 2013

Climbing in Red Rocks this May was unusually cool temps, boy was I glad ! And I met some know friends !
Doug, Carmen, and Mary in the park

Mary in the Black Corridor, ready to pull down !

Carmen on Cat in the Hat, a great route !

Jen and Marty, lover's !

On "Lotta Balls: I ran pitches together as we were running out of time. Hear Mary follows a very long "1st pitch"

Happy feet and Mary near the top, a very nice route!

Mt Whitney, spring storm, May 2013

Mt Whitney, spring storm, May 2013

We went out for a spring climb of Mt Whitney and had snow falling every day ! We wear not able to to our climb but had a great time in the High Country anyway.
Huy with Keeler Needle in the background.

Upper Boy Scout Lake, and a lot of know snow.

Post-hollowing up to Pinnacle Ridge

In this kind of weather it is nice to have a hanging stove

Doug, deep in thought

Lee Vining Ice, rarely formed ice route

 Lee Vining Ice, Mar 2013

Ed on one of the rarely formed ice routes
Ed on a variation of Comrads Corner

Ed in good form !

The ice was steep on pitch 1

Doug on the second pitch

The Top !

Lee Vining Ice, Cave Man, Feb 2013

Lee Vining Ice, Cave Man, Feb 2013

The ice in LV got steeper and steeper are the winter moved on. Cave Man was over hanging by the end of the season.
The only way to belay a second,...hands free

Doug, the headless ice climber

Steep and getting steeper !

Doug trying to get a rest on the steeps

Jeff looking down P1

One nice thing about ice climbing is the beauty

Horsetail Falls Ice Climbing

Horsetail Falls Ice Climbing, Feb 2013

Marty leading Horsetail !

There was very little snow at the base which made the climb very long

Doug on Horsetail with Silver Lake in the background

Jen and Doug at the base of Horsetail

Rescue rappel

Marty on the hike out

Skiing near the Mono Craters

Skiing near the Mono Craters, Feb 2013

Jen and Marty skiing near the Mono Craters

Marty and Jen in one of the quincys we belt.

On the ski from the Mono Craters back to

Lee Vining Ice, rare ice

LV Ice, now route with Dave Lane, Feb 2013

LV had very good ice this season a we had temps down to -20 hear in Jan. This route I had never seen before, and have learned that (with ice climbs) IF they come in, you better get on it, as it may not appear again.
Dave on the approach, above the Chouinard Falls

Dave and I soloed up a bit before we roped up.

We had beautiful ice !!!

Dave following one of the pitches.

All though it was low angle climbing, some sections were quit hard.

Lee Vining Ice with Jeff Scheuerell

LV Ice with Jeff Scheuerell, Jan 2013

Doug on the hike into Lee Vining Ice

              Dave Lane on a nearby route on Lee Vining's Main Wall
                                  Jeff on the way back down the route.
                                   Doug (on left) Dave Lane (on right).
                                      Doug placing pro
Pete Clark and friend on P2 of Cave Man

Lee Vining Ice with Dave Lane

Lee Vining Ice with Dave Lane

 Spiral Staircase, pitch 1, great ice!
 Dave Lane
 Dave nearing the end of P1
 LV ice at its best!
 Doug leading P1, in very thing conditions.
Doug nearing the end of P1