Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ouray Ice Climbing, Jan. 2011

The annual trip to Ouray Ice Festival with Mark, Chris, and Marty

Val and Stacy Pilsbury, first time ice climbers enjoy a break from the climbing, and enjoy a walk through
the Ouray Ice Park.

Another view in the Ouray Ice Park, beautiful ice everywhere.

A slack liner balances across the 50 meter gorge during the Ice Festival.

Mark Stepovich belays Chris Mahr.

Chris on the left, Marty on the right goes after a mixed route up to the hanging pillar.

Feather Peak Coulior

August 2010 ice in the Eastern High Sierra

The gorgeous Royce Lakes Basin below Feather Peak.

Chris Kulp approaching the coulior

Up the snow and onto the ice, it was in great conditions this last August.

The beautiful sweep of the Feather Peak Coulior drops below the heels of Chris.

Nearing the top, swing to tool, kick the feet, repeat....